The Leicestershire and Rutland Drama Festival is an annual competition which showcases the talents of amateur dramatic groups within the Leicestershire & Rutland area. We invite all local groups to enter a ‘One Act Play’ in the festival and these are showcased to the public over the course of several nights, culminating in a awards ceremony on the final night. The event also doubles up as a preliminary round of the AETF (All-England Theatre Festival) for those groups seeking to progress further.

Preliminary round of the AETF

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The One Act Play Festival

The One Act Play Festival is a national festival for all drama groups of all ages.

The country is divided into several areas. Leicestershire and Rutland are part of the Central Division alongside Nottinghamshire and Warwickshire.

Each area holds a preliminary festival and the winners and runners up go on to the Quarter Finals, and so on, until the National Final.

Many people have little knowledge of what The One Act Play Festival is about. In short, it is great fun, its a great opportunity and a delightful learning experience.

Hopefully this page will outline some information to help you make your decision.

• There are usually three plays per evening.

• Each act  must last in length between 25 minutes to 55 minutes. The timing starts from the moment the curtain / music etc starts to the last word / music played.

• You have 10 minutes to set up a simple set / props and 5 minutes to clear the stage.

• These props are stored behind the scenes and are immediately accessible.

• At the end of the evening an adjudicator will talk about your play noting the strengths and any points for development.

• On the final evening, after the last act, certificates will be awarded to all groups and trophies are awarded to the overall winners.

• On the Sunday before, there is an opportunity to set the technical for your act. You will have half an hour to talk to the technician, set the lighting / sound, position any set, actors on the stage etc etc.

• All groups have free entry for the cast, producer plus another to watch the other two plays during that session.

Many groups return year after year. The whole experience of seeing other groups performing a variety of acts of different sorts is totally fascinating.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

The LRDfestival Committee